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  • badboy badboy Aug 7, 2011 23:12 Flag

    Cesc - Mata

    I also fear from us not just from the defensive front but on the psychological front...I remember us beating Everton 6-1 1st away game 2 yrs ago during the transfer saga with Lescott..

    Everton eventually got £25m or so but also had to fight relegation most of the season.

    The truth is Arsene already has an excuse for our poor performance this season..the destablisation of the club from the transfer saga..

    The truth is that this club is not broke and we don't have to sell Cesc...fuck him and his Barca dream! If Braca want him I would have put a deadline 15th of July of fcuk off till next year!

    To make matters worse I see our 1st 6 matches this year defining our whole season....I know U will say its only pre season...but believe me we really have been pathetic!!

    What happens if we fall out of the CL...personally I feel we are more likely to get knocked out than go through..

    I think the disappointment will be too much to bear for everyone...believe me ...It will leave a far negative impact than the CC final..