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  • WENGER MUST BE A POLITICIAN BECAUSE THE MAN IS VERY­­ GOOD ON DELIVERING EMPTY PROMISES JUST LIKE A­­ POLITICIAN. Wenger promised to strengthen our defence­­ ,goalkeeping , midfield , and strikers by buying some­­ players during this pre-season period . The man also­­ promised to off-load dead wieght players like Alimunia­­ , Fabiaski , Squillaci etc and never fulfilled any of­­ his promises . Obviously our greedy Board Members are­­ happy with Wenger because the idiot does not spend­­ money and he maximuses their profits every year. Sad­ to­ watch a once top premiership team go down in such­ a­ manner, SO COME ON YOU GUNNERS LETS KICK WENGER OUT­ . Our bench is crap and this will be proven as the season goes on also considering our small weak players with glass legs like Van Persie . LETS BE HONEST FOR ONCE, THIS SEASON WE ARE NOT GOING TO WIN ANYTHING AGAIN. WHY WHY WHY WHY ?????? WENGER MUST GO

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