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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 13, 2011 11:52 Flag

    I really don't understand all this Wenger bashing

    Are the Arsene 'bashers' really thick? Or are they supporters of AFC rather than supporters of the current custodians? A millionaire who insists on shopping in Netto in your eyes is clearly a good guy.

    The difference is we know he can afford, unless we've spent the money elsewhere (on sparkly new clocks for instance), to shop in Waitrose but won't pay the prices!

    Personally I don't buy this unilateral policy of everyones too expensive crap.

    In our eyes not investing for the now, and thereby diminishing marketing potential and subsequent Enterprise Value is more negligent than over paying for the odd player.

    Let's be honest Usmanov is the 2nd richest person in the UK behind Mittel according to the Times Rich List (that's ahead of Abramovich) and Kroenke got his fingers in the Wall-Mart Empire (literally!)one of the World's largest corporations.

    Hold on! For a second I thougt maybe I was wrong with the Netto analogy but, then I remembered that Asda (i.e. wall-mart) had just brought them.

    Everything is now explained! It's not Arsene that's tighter than a knats chuf it's Kroenke!!

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    • well i can only speak for my self and I am not thick.

      I am very very conserned about the lack of spending power and to a lesser extent silver ware

      i think a better use of 12 million would have been samba not chamberlin to be fair
      I also feel we need a GK and 2 CB's as well as left back to replace clichy as i dont myself think Gibbs is good enough let alone the fact he is injury prone.

      The sale of Cese has to my mind been very very badly handled and I want to know who's responcibility that is ?
      i have a feeling its the IDIOT that is Gazidis who it seems is very much out his depth on a PROPER FOOTBALL CLUB NOT MLS COWBOYS

    • Why is he 'tight'?

      What should he do?

      Spend £38m on one player who is no more guaranteed to succeed than the two or three others he could buy with that same money? Should he be trying to out-bid the likes of Chelski and City and United for the signatures of the most coveted players? Would that not be suicidal???

      Its not about being 'fans of the current custodians'. It's about realising what Wenger is achieving and what he is up against.

      Arsenal could have won any of four cups last season. We didn't. But we had the team to do it.

      One thing you cannot buy is confidence and that is what was lacking at the crucial stage last season. Not the playing skills of the team.