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  • You were very poor today, I was actually surprised how awful you were and that was at home. Again you have a bunch of kids on the pitch. Wenger is really losing the plot.

    Is it another transition period?

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    • The worst part is some of these kids dont even look that good Vlad.

      Amazingly there are still so many here who see old Prune face as blameless. You've got to be pretty blinkered at this point to have that sort of mindset at this point. 3 years ago it was relatively understandable.

      They can't say I didn't warn them!

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      • "The worst part is some of these kids dont even look that good Vlad."

        Which kids do you mean Chris?

        Lansbury and Miquel were played out of necessity, I don't think anyone really rates them too highly (I certainly don't).

        Other than that, the only other kids we had playing were Jenkinson, Frimpong and Ramsey. And they all seem pretty good to me.

      • Absolutely right Prof. The wheels came off 3 years ago, just when Wenger had rebuilt, to an extent, the team. I vividly remember him saying in a post match interview in the summer of 2008 that Arsenal could go on to win trophies if they managed to keep that team which he had just built together. Arsenal followed this by refusing to treat Flamini in particular with enough respect. Cesc lost his shepherd and as a result stagnated - he was far better from a deeper position despite the goals scored last year. How Wenger has kept shite like Diaby and Arshavin yet gotten rid of steady players like Denilson is beyond belief. The defence, Sagna and Vermaelen aside is a perpetual joke.