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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Aug 20, 2011 15:52 Flag

    No Balls

    As always Dodge, your knowledge of the game astounds us all!!


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    • As usual chumpion misreading peoles mail will get you in trouble. That was a quote from sporting index. But of course if you know nothing about the game you woudn't know that would you now chump. PMSL!!!!
      You dont seriously think I would have put my hard earned on Arsenal to win 2-0 do you. After all didnt I back Man Utd to win the PL but lose the CL last season. Thats knowledge not your mother reading the tea leaves in your cup at home. Oh dear I just PMSL laughing !!!
      Early days yet pr..ck. Plenty of time to mend the holes. Dont worry. We at Arsenal have a sense of humour, and the intelligence to know that the worm will turn, and not the pint swilling cloth cap, fag in the mouth northern approach, of sweep it under the carpet when they dont win. As against Barca. Oh! Dear I just PMSL again!!!! I was just thinking of changing my avatar but then again I think not. Im too proud of Arsenal to do that u CSMoron.

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      • Hahahaha, you've got some nerve trying to spin your way out of this one, but this isn't your first time you've made yourself look a complete PRAT here!

        'I've made Arsenal marginal favourites to win by two clear goals'

        This lightweight, mediocre Francenal side couldn't beat even Liverpool at home in a million years Im afraid. You've got NO threat at all.

        Oh the worm is turning alright son, unfortunately for you its moving DOWN!