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  • emek b emek b Aug 29, 2011 05:43 Flag

    The End of Wenger....

    Why do fans find it extremely hard to accept that Wenger's time is gone and what is left is a defiant, obdurate man who can't go any further. Arsenal is on a downward spiral, and until Wenger is fired, buying new players won't make any difference. He has created an atmosphere bereft of a winning mentality. Only a new coach can reinvigorate Arsenal. Trust in Wenger at your own peril, but expect similar results.
    Footnote: Remember that Johan Cruyff set the standard at Barcelona, but Pep Guardiola, his former player, surpassed his achievement.

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    • I've been saying for years the Wenger needs to be fired! 5 stars emek b!!

      Arsenal have not won any silverware since 2006 & don't seem likely to in the coming season either.

      It's the Alf Ramsey syndrome; AR was a great England manager who brought World Cup winning glory to England in 1966 & was knighted for it but when we made an early exit from the 1970 World Cup it was Ramsay's fault, he substituted out our best players in the game against West Germany & we lost. Then we failed to qualify for the 1974 World Cup & he was sacked.

      Arsene Wenger is Arsenal's Alf Ramsey - good during his early years as Arsenal's manager but now out of touch & not knowing any longer what it takes to make Arsenal a trophy winning side again. The club should sack him!