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  • Or not.

    I'm not going to do a post-mortem, as we all know the signings req.

    I didn't see the game live but 2 things I and the pundits noticed on MOTD.

    1. I don't like that new boy Jenkinson. An experienced club and country player in Walcot tells him his positioning on the pitch was wrong and instead of learning, he has a foul mouthed tirade at Walcot. Jenkinson looks like an arogant sod to me.

    2. The footage of Rosicky being completely disinterested in Rooney's free kick, to the point that if it hit the bar/post or was blocked by the keeper, he would not be able to react and help clear the ball. He clearly didn't give two hoots!!!

    Just a couple of observations


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    • If you look closely at Rooneys first freekick, you'll notice Rosicky never looks back at the goal, as its taken, as it goes over his head, even when it goes in!

      He's the only one!

      Like I said with Cesc, some of these players should be quite literally booted out of the club. They couldn't give a f*ck. United fans would lynch these c*nts.

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      • There must also be a point though that when you are a player with a half a brain and skill that you just know you have been asked once again to fight a losing battle. Not sure how long Messi would have given 110% with team mates like we fielded yesterday.

        Sure their is a point of pride but there is also a point of insult and fielding yesterdays squad was an insult to the fans, was insult to Man U, was an insult to the few decent players we had and was an insult to some of the young players who might, just might, be good enough in the future.

        I don't think Rosicky has a bad attitude, he tried.