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  • ANNE ANNE Sep 4, 2011 08:08 Flag

    Where will Arsenal finish this season?

    Arsenal haven't finished above Chelsea since your sugar daddy came on board for you to drag you up the table - punching above your weight - Chelsea a 'special club' special club with special needs more like - still your sugar daddy managed to get you the double once with how much - pathetic.!!!

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    • City, United and Chelsea for the top three for sure.
      What order?
      I wouldn't rule out Chelsea, I think Mata was an excellent signing and if Drogba has a good season then they could definitely take the title.
      United for me still lack a creative midfielder but their wing play looks as good as it ever has..
      I'll say Chelsea, City, United with very little in it.

      As for Arsenal, if Liverpool don't suffer with too many injuries I'd fancy them to take fourth. I think we'll be battling with Tottenham for 5/6th. If Wenger managed to get us in the top four with our squad I think it would be a monumental achievement.