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  • ANNE ANNE Sep 6, 2011 13:04 Flag


    I am sure AFC will finish at least top 4 - by the way all the bragging from the Mancs 8-2 - they got three points - I thought the way they carry on and on and on BORING - perhaps they thought one more point for every goal!!!! Come on Arsenal!!!

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    • And Anne, dont try and claim you wouldnt be the same if Arsenal had beaten us 8-2. Enough of your fans went bezerk when you beat us 2-1 a couple of seasons back.

      Its not just about the 3 points on the day is it. There is so much more to a football result than that if you are a proper fan! Liverpool only got 3 points when they turned us over 4-1 at OT but it hurt a lot more than the 1 defeat it represented.

    • I actually have a feeling you will get a trophy this season. It wont be the Champs league or the league, but could see you winning the FA cup.
      Think you will also be fighting it out with Liverpool for 4th.

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      • Its nice to hear that people still have the faith. We have two groups of people here. Those who think we are doomed and will finish far from top 4 and those that see we have a chance. As for me am sure we are right in the mix. And we can run away with one trophy this season. ARSENAL! ARSENAL! ARSENAL! ARSENAL! ARSENAL! ARSENAL! ARSENAL!