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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Sep 13, 2011 21:50 Flag

    This is a VERY Poor Francenal Side....

    I can't remember how long its been since I saw such a weak Francenal team.

    Once again your keeper is guilty of ball watching and awful distribution, despite being a very good shot stopper, he seems to be lacking in intelligence.

    All the new signings bar Gervinho are either past it or not good enough, end of.

    What the hell happened to Arteta?!

    A shadow of his former self, no wonder Everton fans were glad to see him go! You've gone from Cesc to him, and from Nasri to the dreadful Benyaoun!

    As for Mertsecker....Oh DEAR! He makes Kos look good, and thats saying something!

    As I suspected your midfield without Wilshere is dire, and with him it wouldn't have been enough. Yes you got lucky with the goal and could have nicked it, but over the course of the season you're in for a miserable time on this evidence.

    4th place? You must be joking?

    The CHAMP19NS would have put 5 past Dortmund tonight.

    Why didn't you splash out £5m on Parker, instead of the foreign dross you bought last minute...not to mnetion having to play the lumbering Song every game?

    The madness continues!

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