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  • LEX LEX Sep 19, 2011 12:16 Flag

    Move up stairs or sacked??

    If the Arsenal board had a pair of balls between them then i think AW would have been moved from the managers position lets say 3 yrs ago

    But Historically they are a bunch of spineless weasels
    you only have to look back and see how long the twits kept Billy Wright as manager to discover that the chairman at the time was Dead -woods father.

    But should Wenger be sacked or moved up stairs away from team affairs?
    Its ok some of the wenger sycophant's saying this is an over reaction but the team have no confidence and he cant seem to instill them with any which to my mind is the first job of the manager his second job it to get them to practice DEFENDING together not practice playing with the ball FFS

    When i weigh it all up I myself come to the conclusion he needs to go and not move upstairs
    I do not say that lightly but with some regret but the club must come first and feel the shadow of Sir Matt Busby caused some problems to Man united when he moved upstairs albeit well away from team affairs

    so with out over reacting to the clubs worse start for 58 yrs what do others think

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    • I think moving up stairs as a director of football or something does not work in England. It puts far to much pressure on the next poor sod who gets the job. I think we should sack Wenger, but I also think we should look at the backroom staff. Defense coaches for obvious reasons, goalkeeping coaches as we have not developed a top class keeper since Seaman and also look at medical staff / physios as we seem to have a problem keeping our players fit. If the board want to go i'll welcome that too!!!

    • Any Arsenal fan who believes Wenger should leave is a total headcase IMO.

      And the opinion of MANY others i might add.

      You lot are a bunch of tosspot glory supporters with little or no understanding of the game.

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      • Fab, Wenger has lost the plot. At least for the time being. In the past he would have escaped this tricky situation. But right now, the set of players he has assembled and the ones he lost compounded with a few injuries and sheer ridiculous defending, we find ourselves in a royal mess.

        Under normal circumstances I wouldn't want Wenger to quit or be sacked. I have no doubt he loves Arsenal more than any poster on this board. And he has done more for Arsenal than any other player, manager, board member or those who have been Gunners for all their short or long lifetimes! As John put it, he needs to change his methods, some of his ideologies and find a way forward. If he can't, he has to make way for someone else. Not that a new manager will guarantee success. But we are badly in need of new ideas.

        Ideally he should get help, as reported somewhere in the form of a defence coach. Maybe he should get a sports psychologist or someone else who can give the players new perspective. Most cricket teams have one on board, more on a part time basis. Arsenal definitely needs a shrink at the moment! The players are carrying too much baggage, which they need to lose fast! I can't imagine the crushing defeats and the draws or losses from winning positions in the near past has been forgotten by the players. One can see the panic in the closing stages of every game, if we are not at least 2 goals up!

        If Wenger keeps us in the top 4 or even top 6 considering how we began he should stay, if he really believes he can turn things around. That's the moot question, does Wenger have enough faith and belief left to really turn things around? Anyone who doubts his class or his contribution to Arsenal doesn't know what he is talking about. But most are simply asking, can he really get a grip on the situation? If he can't make the team focus for 90 minutes, how will he do it for a whole long season in 4 different competitions! And the season has just only begun!

        For us now the only way is up. But one more defeat in the EPL in the near future and it will really need a minor miracle for us to finish in the top 4.

    • I have no passion for Van Marwijk but he won the Europa league with Feyenoord!! And that is no small accomplishment. I am sure he would do better than Arsene.

      He also got Holland to the WC finals where we didn't lose till extra-time and one man down. Holland now is the nr 1 ranked team in the world.

      I think Wenger is to blame for the way the team play but perhpas the board is to blame for the players that play.

      Mata looked class to me for Chelsea.

    • With due respect Mar Marwijk is not in the same class as Wenger. When he was Dortmund, he didn't do any wonders. At that time Dortmund were struggling, in the beginning it seemed that he would turn things around but eventually they ended up mid table.

      I feel Wenger should go at the end of the season because things have grown over his head. He has lost control of the situation. And he continues to find reasons elsewhere rather than in his own actions. How can he fix something if he doesn't see it is broken? What we suffer isn't just a confidence crisis, we simply lack a defence!

      Our attack still is good enough if not as good as last season. But if we can't stop the goals, it is too much to expect the attack to keep scoring 3 or 4 goals every match! With Vermaelen back our first choice back four is up to the task. Gibbs and Santos will be a worrisome factor but Clichy wasn't exactly good for our nerves in the last few seasons. Hiring a defensive coach as you mentioned in your last thread would be a start.

      Mertesacker while not quick, is an intelligent player and yes he has heart. When he comes to grips with the EPL he will be good with TV. It's just that we don't play as a defensive unit. And this zonal system simply isn't working at the moment. Keown as coach seems like a blessing at the moment. But whether Wenger acts.....well that's been the sad story so far. He has waited too long to act.

      I would dearly like Wenger to succeed but at the current moment, I can't see that happening. Not this year at least. If we buy Cahill, Hazard and maybe exchange Chamakh for some other striker (Moussa Sow?) if he doesn't fire soon, we should find out feet back.

      This season we shouldn't expect much. Just throw your feet back and watch our side. If they win, great. If they lose, well what's new! :) Imagine Wenger leaves we get some American dimwit manager and we hang in oblivion like Dortmund did. It can get worse believe me. Dortmund required almost a decade to win the Bundesliga, we seem to be heading down the same path.

      Wenger has to go if he doesn't get his act and the team together. And if and when he is gone, we will finally know if it really was him or the board who were scr*wing up.

    • Van Gaal is apparently a disciplinarian, which is what we need. I like De Boer. But I doubt that Ajax will let him go. As for the players you suggest, I guess we had the money to sign them, but did not lift a finger! BTW DB had suggested Erickson a while back. By hook or by crook we must get out of this rut. Even Deschamps might work. He has done a decent job at l'OM.

    • I agree he should go and probably by December if we are not back in the top 6 by then.

      To me, as you suggest indirectly, if even Wenger admits he can't get the team to focus for 90 minutes than there is little hope for him fixing the problems that have persisted for many years but are now spiraling out of control.

      Sometimes it takes a drastic measure, like changing the manager, to wake-up a team.

      A while ago I had considered Wenger being in charge of the youth academy a good option after he stepped down as manger but his inability to teach the young ones even the basics of defending has lead me to change my mind.

      When he goes he should just go and not get any consolation price type of function.

      It is such a shame, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, that Wenger has fallen so hard that his legacy will be forever tainted by the last 6-7 years of his failed experiment.