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    Wenger - My players took responsibility

    Arsène Wenger hailed his squad and its younger members for their resilience and patience during Tuesday night's victory over Shrewsbury.

 Blah blah blah. We struggled to beat a league two side, besides if Shrewsbury put all their chances to bed it would have been a long ride for arsene and the boys. I think defensive duties at arsenal are paramount. Yes we have the right players in attack but its the back five that worries me. Szczesny to me has got potential in him. But its his game reading and decisions making that worries me. Take for example going for 50/50 balls or over the top balls, he struggles sometime in making up his mind whether he should go for the ball or leave it. If we come up against the like or united you get punished. On the other hand,i am not so sure about flappy and the other Gk. To me Szczesny is the best we have so far. Wenger has a big job in his hands. I have also noticed that the is a lack of communication between our CBs and the Gk which worries me. Remember the days of Seaman and Co there was a really understanding between the GK and CBs. i think szczesny could step up by organizing the back line time to time like the way Lehmann did during his arsenal days. i also think that this arsenal sides, needs a least two or even three more Vermaelen type players to organize the back line.Take for example the rovers game where out defense look confused and lost at times. Because let's face it if T.V is out we look a mess. About the Shrewsbury games i am still not convinced but happy to go through to the next round.

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