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  • Robert M Robert M Sep 23, 2011 23:38 Flag

    Wenger We work on our defence every day

    I think not scoring from corner kicks is a fault of the attack rather than the defence.

    This criticism has gone rather over the top. It is surely impossible for Arsenal *not* to be working on their defence. If they are practising attack the whole time how can they do that without having a defence to spar with? They presumably aren't hiring in a defence from Tottenham whilst their defence sits down with a tray of pork pies.


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    • That is exactly what has crossed my mind as to what actually goes on.

      Wenger getting the kids to defend. That way the senior defenders don't get hurt, and the attackers feel great that they scored easily.

      Makes sense when you see the bewilderment on their faces when they lose at the weekend.

      How did that happen!?

      I will up close and personal to it tomorrow though.