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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Oct 2, 2011 22:10 Flag

    SICK Adebayor Chants....


    'Some sections of the Arsenal support mocked the killing of three members of the Togo party during the African Nations Cup last January which Adebayor survived.'


    At least Ade had the last laugh (and not for the first time!)

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    • Makes you ashamed to be a football supporter when you hear that some people think it's OK to taunt a player like that.

      Disgraceful. If they are able to identify them, they should be banned.

    • dont try to justify the abuse by pointing fingers at man utd
      I have heard chants about the munich aircrash from gooners
      man city have done it so have leeds
      what happened on sunday with spurs and the arse are typical of every week at foorball grounds around the country
      he suffered the same abuse when playing for arse against spurs
      tim to change the record it seems to be stuck on the same old tune

    • It is indeed disgusting and, like John, if they can be banned from football grounds, so much the better.

      Funnily enough I didn't notice you visit this thread to disown the United fans who took a banner to Leeds mocking the death of Leeds supporters:


      Or maybe you have too many stupid ID's for me to keep up with.


    • As I said earlier, you really should grow up.


    • "Why do you associate swearing with temper? Is it because you're $%^& stupid?"

      erm maybe because swearing is a known trait of people with temper & anger issues which u clearer have. u even get angry with me suggesting u have anger & temper issues, which incidentally is another known trait of someone with these problems!
      but i guess your right, it is so stupid of me to associate a feeling with a known trait.
      & again ironically u call me stupid!

      "BTW, Jamie is short for the $%^&ney slang, James Blunt. I'm sure you can work the rest out - and I use it to express my low opinion of you."

      sorry, all the utd fans i know in manchester would be too ashamed to use cockney rhyming slang. they distance themselves as far away as possible from anything cockney.
      also if u want to a utd match when they play a london team, u would hear utd fans singing abusive & insulting songs about cockneys.

      but your right, it was stupid of me to put u in that category of utd fan.

      i didnt think u could be any less of a utd fan, but now u have taken the biscuit with your cockney ways!
      but il remember next time not to treat u like your average utd fan in manchester!

    • "The following United fans implied it was wrong but none said they should be banned:"

      So here we have the real agenda .... they didn't say the EXACT words YOU wanted them to say!

      You absolute PRICK!

      No wonder most supporters totally ignore your threads.

    • oops, eric just made himself look like an idiot again!

      the irony is he posted saying i should actually bother to read posts properly!

      then he goes & miss reads yours!

      but dont worry, rather then admit this he will swear because of his short temper & then change the argument to something else as always.

      & who the hell is jamie?!

      he still won't admit he is wrong thinking im this jamie person so he just keeps running with it!

    • the defiance of stupid cockney eric!

      stash- "And whilst robert is on his high horse would he like to condemn the chelsea fans for singing "you should've died in the tunnel" to christiano ronaldo the week after he had a car crash near manchester airport "

      rob- "Yes, certainly. I don't wish to defend bad behaviour of Chelsea fans."

      cockney eric- "Looks like you don't wish to condemn them, though."

      rob- "Are you having trouble understanding English, Eric? I was asked "would he like to condemn the chelsea fans..." and I replied "Yes, certainly."

      Please explain how I could have been clearer."
      cockney eric- "you could have said 'I condemn the Chelsea fans.'

      You were asked if you would like to respond, you said yes, you'd like to respond, but didn't.

      Now I'm being as pedantic as you. "
      rob- "You're being ridiculous. If I'm asked a Yes/No question and I answer yes, then you really ought to infer from my response that my answer is yes, not no."

      oh dear eric. & u have the cheek to call me stupid after that howler!

      now change your lost argument for the 212th time!

    • whatever, jamie.

      i think cockney eric might actually be a 13yr old american girl!

      can't defend your argument anymore so u say whatever.

      well done.

    • Once again Wobert, you seem to have me confused with someone else. That or you're telling porkies again to help salvage another failed argument!

      I didn't comment on what went on at Leeds as it happened. Get your facts straight before you make a complete t*t of yourself!

      Going to admit you're wrong??


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