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  • Draytongooner Draytongooner Oct 4, 2011 11:42 Flag

    Gareth Bale wins University Challenge

    Bale is pointing out the painfully obvious, don't see why it justifies a headline in the paper.

    I've posted my thoughts about the inadequacies of our squad on many threads clearly saying that currently we are up s**t creek without a paddle. This is due to the fact that success on the pitch means nothing to our board, AW is far too cosy to upset any apple carts that would threaten his position on £5m a year gravy train. He's not stupid, he knew all along where we were headed. We all knew Fab & Nasri were on their bikes in January, he failed to kick the boardroom door in demanding we line up quality replacements. We end with a few inadequate never quite have beens and some bargain basement journeymen, their inadequacies were all to evident on Sunday. Top that with some woeful injuries that continue to plague us, what are the medical staff on, Ramsey clearly burning out and will be on the table next to Wilshere before too long. He persists with bad performers for too long (Arshavin, Chamakh, Gibbs etc) Plays people out of position (Walcott, Bendtner). Jeez I could go on but it's pointless, we're shafted.