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  • ANNE ANNE Oct 10, 2011 13:31 Flag

    Park Chu-Young

    Maybe AFC did know this and we have the first option to get him back!

    • you must be joking right? even I knew about this before we signed him, of course Arsenal knew about it! just because in the absence of stories the press have decided to run this as a "story" its not a story at all, the guy has known it throughout his career and its been no secret.
      The only chance he'll have of avoiding the conscription is along the lines of how their '02 world cup team (including Park at utd I think) were made exempt from it as a reward for their WC performance. I wouldn't be too surprised to see the lad waived his national service if his career picks up more. they may consider it in their national interest to maintain his place in the world game - more so than to have him serving in the military.