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  • Draytongooner Draytongooner Oct 12, 2011 09:29 Flag

    Wenger - the view from the 'inside'

    You can choose to believe or not but I heard a concern shared from within the AFC hierarchy that there are two issues relating to AW that causes concern.

    1. He believes absolutely that his view is right. The issue here is that he will not allow characters who might offer any suggestions into the club, let alone be heard. In times past Adams, Keown, Vierra, Petit, Henry were strong characters who would say "Boss we need to play three up front today" etc etc. That voice has been removed because even Cesc and RVP were not much more than kids when they came, and were taught not to question the boss. A contributory factor in Cesc's departure.

    2. Related to that is the fact that no strong characters would be attracted to a club with this regime. Would players like Ronaldo,Tevez, Drogba, Rooney, even Barton or Parker have improved our squad. Not that we could afford them, but the fact that they know the regime is do what you are told without question means that they would never choose AFC.

    And Rice is just a yes man

    We will atract kids with massive potential because they see the development potential and the fact that they will get a chance at Arsenal. Don't be fooled into believing that AOC, Theo, even Jack, and the like haven't got one eye on Madrid, Barca, City, Utd when the time comes.

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    • Thanks Fred, this bet is for the current season. Hope you win it.

    • My confirmation. sERIOUS BET, MATE. You get 500GBP if we finish outside of the top 4 with Wenger in charge

    • All the best clubs in the world are run by the managers and not the players, so to assume that players wont go to AFC because of the regime is crazy, they won't go because of the wage structure...... money talks, not players.

      If the wage structure increased, so would the quality of players Arsenal could attract, but the question is, would these players guaruntee a trophy, and the fact is they can't.
      The only guaruntee is a bigger wage bill.

      Our day will come at Arsenal, I just don't want to wait too long!

    • Let's get this right:

      1 Fab left because he would not be allowed to determine the tactic for the day

      2 So-called top players will not cometoArsenal becauseof the regime

      Well..... if that's what you think

      One thinhI'd let you know is, any player will play anywhere irregardless of the regime if the price is right

      Please list the clubs where you believe the 'strong character' players pick the team and determine the tactic for the day. Man U? Now imagine Beckham telling Ferguson he should be the striker for the day.....Boots will fly


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      • It's not about players picking the team, dictating the play, or telling the boss he's wrong. It's about being able to contribute when the time's right on and off the pitch. The boss is the boss, but can never be closed to the comments of his players, particularly the senior ones.

        If Nani knoceked on SAF's door he'd be told where to go, if Giggs or Ferdinand did the same in the right tone and mentioned that X, Y or Z might be suffereing because of something they picked up on the training ground then he would listen.

        Wenger has become a dictator, SAF, Mourinho, Ancelotti, even Harry, are leaders of men.

        I totally respect what he has done for us, I admire him, I'm just saying that we have lost the influence of the voice of experience.

        That said, 2-1 today is cause to be happy.

    • I could easily see these points your raise being true.

    • I don't think any have 'one eye' on Walcott; he's yours and you can keep him.

      Your kids don't get any more chance with Arsenal than anywhere else.Look at how many have been moved on.

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      • I agree that SAF will give anyone who's good enough a chance. But you were in for Ramsey, Walcott at the time, sure you had a sniff at AOC but were put off by £14m. Don't think Coquelin, Frimpong, Jenkinson, Miquel, would have played at almost any other EPL team this year.

        I've never been a believer in project youth, my point is that AW won't let strong characters into the mix. Arteta, Benny, Mertesecker, Santos, hardly gonna kick the boss's door if their unhappy.