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  • Draytongooner Draytongooner Oct 16, 2011 18:40 Flag

    Wenger - the view from the 'inside'

    It's not about players picking the team, dictating the play, or telling the boss he's wrong. It's about being able to contribute when the time's right on and off the pitch. The boss is the boss, but can never be closed to the comments of his players, particularly the senior ones.

    If Nani knoceked on SAF's door he'd be told where to go, if Giggs or Ferdinand did the same in the right tone and mentioned that X, Y or Z might be suffereing because of something they picked up on the training ground then he would listen.

    Wenger has become a dictator, SAF, Mourinho, Ancelotti, even Harry, are leaders of men.

    I totally respect what he has done for us, I admire him, I'm just saying that we have lost the influence of the voice of experience.

    That said, 2-1 today is cause to be happy.

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