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  • John John Oct 30, 2011 08:17 Flag

    Chelsea won.....

    ...the competition for 'Who can defend the worst?'

    For a neutral, it was a great game to watch. For a Chav, it must have been hard to see your team lack the firepower to outscore little old Arsenal. Especially when you have the most expensive striker in the premiership.

    For a Gooner, it was a superb day. RVP justifying why most of us think he's a great striker, even though he probably just added another £10k pw to his wage demands.

    Luck going our way in regards to Szczesny not being sent off. (Even he tweeted that he was surprised he wasn't sent off).

    It was not a game anyone could have predicted. Looking at some of the individual Chelsea performers, you have to wonder if age really is catching up with some of them now though.

    Last but not least, Walcott's goal. Akin to Nasri's wonder goal against Porto last year. Will the boy finally come good this year and deliver what we have all been waiting for?

    I hope so.

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    • I take people as i find them to Joe and always treat people as they treat me. You and anyone else are free to think what you like of others on here as far as i am concerned.

      How do you think Spurs are going to fare this season then huh??

    • Right with you John.

      Of course we enjoyed the victory over Chelsea, but we must all be concerned about the state of our defence, in particular Mertesacher, who was at fault for the first two goals and looked pretty awful. He's really struggling to adapt to the English game.

      And can someone tell me wtf Arteta was doing leaving the near post and wandering round in the back of the net for their second goal???

      On the plus side it was good to se the Verminator back on the pitch. Let's hope he can stay injury-free - I think he and Koscielni probably make our best central defence pairing.

    • Thanks Joe.

      I do try to balance my delight with wins such as the one this weekend, with a reality check against what I hope the club do to improve.

      You can't expect to do the same thing year in and year out and get a better result somehow. Something has to change if we are going to win the Prem again. If that means waiting for the Oligarchs to leave the UK, then that could be a while.

      I note from your post that Fab has been posting in response to my thread. No doubt trying to sully my good name. For some reason, Dodge and Slayer have joined forces with Fab to pour scorn on anything I write. Fab has been on ignore for a while now, so his efforts are wasted.

      I still hold out some hope however that Dodge and Slayer will eventually get where I am coming from and not simply try to turn everything I post into something negative, though that time is fast running out too.

      Luckily there are still some realists out there. Sitting amongst the blind optomists and the drunken pessimists. Don't worry, you've got your fair share of these too.

      (Haven't seen SB for a while. Must be keeping her head down)

    • Despite the kind offer Fab, I'm going to have to refuse, soz mate, nothing personal.

      I try and take each person as I find them, I've only ever read and exchanged positive threads from John, so I'm not about to jump on the band wagon and start slating him. Same goes for you Fab, despite you crackin onto every female on the Spurs board your imput tends to decent. I find you all ok one 2-1! wahey! sorry I'll have to stop tha......soon...ish!

      Now sing after me 'Oh when the Spurs'!!!!


    • F*ck me Joe ....you obviously do not know John as well as you think.

    • John,

      Some of the richest and most valid posts on this and on my beloved Spurs board have come from you. How anyone can question your support is ridiculous.

      You should all be very happy with your performance against the Chavs, but when you stop looking to learn from your mistakes, you are in trouble. You have to look at every result no matter how sweet and try to see how you can improve, not just you goons, every club.

      John ignore these idiots, you know you are always very welcome on the Spurs if you want a constructive chat that isn't full of mindless insults.

      Hang in there lad!


    • John have you tried the bottles of Carlsberg at the stadium? £3.90 and it's somehow worse than a normal Carlsberg!! It can't be more than 1% and surely must contain some quantity of urine...

    • I appreciate it Timi.

      It makes me wonder how much sense some people lack when I read some responses to my posts.

      Nice to know that some people get the fact that whilst I can be happy with a win like this, I still worry about the season as a whole.

    • Talking of age.............I thought Lampards vision and contribution was excellent

    • Easy to blame the Chelsea back four for this defeat.

      Thing is....the Chelsea back four have looked pretty solid up until yesterday.

      I am more of the belief that it was the Gooner frontline running them ragged that won the day.