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  • Timi O Timi O Oct 30, 2011 14:03 Flag

    Chelsea won.....

    Ignore some of these antagonists... personally, I saw nothing wrong with your original post John. And while I read on from this forum very regularly, I rarely post... so I think I can hardly be accused of bias.

    I enjoyed every bit of our victory, but I think only a very naive and silly Arsenal fan would be willing to overlook just how terrifyingly shocking our defence was, and the fact that the only reason the power of our attack was allowed to show was because Chelsea also looked a bit low on confidence (perhaps because of their loss to QPR via two sending offs, and the whole JT affair). If we had been playing even Liverpool or Tottenham, there is no way we would have been afforded so many chances to get back into the game, after the amount of errors our defence committed.

    By all means, let us enjoy our sweet, sweet victory and nothing would make me happier than if Arsenal ended up in a CL spot this season (preferably as high up as possible). But I don't think that if someone raises valid points to be debated concerning the fragilities of our team, it means that they are not a real fan / don't want the team to succeed.