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  • Timi O Timi O Oct 30, 2011 11:03 Flag

    Arteta - What does he actually do?

    I'm sorry, not trying to be negative (I am so thrilled for our win), but there's just this question that has been niggling in the back of my mind since the beginning of the season. I just cannot see what Arteta brings to the team.

    He's supposed to be a playmaker right? But 95 percent of the time I only see him pass short-range sideways or backward. I never see him show any range or vision. So after yesterday's game, I got so bothered by it that I finally checked the stats - 10 games = 1 assist and 1 goal. I know you might say it's a bit early, but consider this, he has been in the Premier league for ages, and apart from the stats, I really don't see him do anything (please correct me if you think I'm wrong). I know Mertesacker is slow, but I've also noticed that he is very good at reading the game and intercepting balls... he is also obviously very tall. I know Santos has attacking power, I know Jenkinson is a good crosser, Gervinho rips the wings to shreds... but am I the only person who gets stressed when the ball goes to Arteta (not only because he gives it away too much for a midfield anchor) but also because you know he just will not pass forward if there is even one defender between him and a teammate?

    I'm not bashing senselessly (I'm not even intending to bash at all), I'm just wondering why is someone else not in the team instead of him - like Benayoun for example?

    P.S I realise he passed to Van P yesterday for one of his goals, but that was a rather basic one, outside the box that didn't have to go through any defenders... not even sure it counts as an assist.

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    • Phew that's is good for us i somehow got him playing for Ivory cost same as Kolo Toure used to
      I am looking forward to comming to the emirates for only the second time for my birthday present its almost 100 quid train and match tickets so cant afford that once every 2 weeks so time i have had a drink and had something to eat goodbye best part of 150 i supose
      I am comming toi the Everton Match west stand i have my seat yyayy i am well exited

    • I think more squad rotation will allow more players to have some sort of game readiness. I think this year the gap between our best players and alternatives is much smaller than last year. Now that Cesc and Nasri are gone resting an Arteta or Ramsey should mean less of a drop than resting Cesc and Nasri.

      IF we get Wilshire back this would hold even more truth and options. I would like to see many players get many minutes in the hope the squad will be ready for the run-in next year with enough depth and fresh legs to have a chance at 4th place and without having to rely on player to fill who has only played in the CC or only played a few games. Playing our best 11 players all year does not do the trick as we have learned from previous seasons and this includes RVP. I don’t think he should play more than 1 game a week given his fragility.

      As an example I think Song has had a number of good games and is turning into a key player, but it would be a pity not to find PL minutes for Frimpong who holds promise and might have to fill in should Song get injured.

    • Hi Timo. I've had lots of people say this to me.

      It seems that people's disappointment is borne out of the expectation that Arteta is a Fabregas replacement, which he isn't. His passing, touch and stamina can't come close to that of Fabregas.

      In your case, it seems that your disappointment comes from the fact you've labelled him as playmaker so you're expecting him to create more. If he wasn't labelled a playmaker, would you be less disappointed?

      Regarding his game, firstly I'm surprised that you think he gives it away so much. His short-range passing has been very tidy I've thought. Definitely in the latter stages of games though his stamina has let him down and he's given it away more. But I've noticed that this seems to have improved in the last few games. It's worth noting that for Everton, he never played more than 39 games in a season. At a Champions League club, even players like Denilson have played over 50 games for us in a season.

      Someone put it very succinctly in a blog - along the lines of "what Arteta adds is an ability to not do something bad". He adds a calming influence in the middle of the park, and keeps things simple when they need to be. Who knows, with Denilson in his place yesterday, we might just have collapsed at 3-3!

      R.E. Benayoun: he's far too weak to play in the centre for us IMO. I think we'll only see him as a wide player or behind the striker. Anyway, he's been injured recently.

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      • Good point Will. You are certainly right about my expectations of him - while I don't see him as a real replacement for Fabregas, I was expecting him to do some of the things that Fabregas did (just with lesser quality). I laughed when I read the line about 'what Arteta adds is the ability to not do something bad', which is kinda true. Generally, that is true, but as you pointed out, he does tend to drop off/switch off sometimes (like silly fouls on the edge of the box, or moving from the near post to the centre of the goal against Chelsea).

        I hope he grows into the team, that would be a nice outcome... although he probably won't get a chance to play as first choice once Wilshere is fit, will he?

    • give him some time, he was thrown into the fire and didn't have proper time to settle in...Arteta is a solid player

    • arteta is a good player! watch out

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      • Arteta understands the game and as a Moyes trained player is unselfish and a team player. He is holding back because defensively he has needed to, once Vermaelen and Jenkinson settle back in. He may feel more able to venture forwards. But remember if he takes on more defensive duties it allows Ramsey and Song greater license to attack.
        For me he has given us more balance, and allows others to play.

    • Had AW signed him at the beginning of the transfer window, he might be up to speed by now. Give him and Mertesacker time to bed in.

    • arteta is not a long term player for arsenal arsene is hoping he can hang on until jack comes back. for 10 million we got a very squad player who will rotate as we need him. Ramsey and Jack are the future pairing for the Arsenal.