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  • Timi O Timi O Oct 30, 2011 20:30 Flag

    Arteta - What does he actually do?

    Good point Will. You are certainly right about my expectations of him - while I don't see him as a real replacement for Fabregas, I was expecting him to do some of the things that Fabregas did (just with lesser quality). I laughed when I read the line about 'what Arteta adds is the ability to not do something bad', which is kinda true. Generally, that is true, but as you pointed out, he does tend to drop off/switch off sometimes (like silly fouls on the edge of the box, or moving from the near post to the centre of the goal against Chelsea).

    I hope he grows into the team, that would be a nice outcome... although he probably won't get a chance to play as first choice once Wilshere is fit, will he?

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