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    Van der Vaart: Spuds are better than Arsenal

    In your dreams boy!!!

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    • Spurs aren't better than Arsenal. But it is clear they only have qualifying in the top four on their mind. Out of the Carling Cup and playing very weak teams in the Europa Cup.

      Harry's focus is solely on the EPL.

    • I feel sad for Spurs as a club really, their existance and pride is based on how they perform against Arsenal. In the season when Arsenal is performing WAY WAY below their best, they are claiming to be better.

      Arsenal as we know are always competing for the League and against the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea and maybe now Man City, Spurs are glad just to be above Arsenal, howbeit only temporary. Show how sad they can be.

      Maybe Spurs should go play in another league and spare them the agony of comparing themselves with a below par Arsenal and being happy about it.

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      • Don't feel sad for us Leslie,

        We are doing just fine, there is room for improvement, as there is with most teams, but I'm happy with our overall performance this season, your pity is ill placed, save it.

        Of course we are glad to be above you, why wouldn't we be? but its not the be all and end all of our season, there is a lot of football left to be played. We want to get back into the top four and on current form that looks possible.

        'Arsenal as we know are always competing for the League and against the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea and maybe now Man City' Are you really competing with them? do you think you can finish above them?


    • van der fart is a cheat he handles balls and claims innocence and its October its May you need to worry about

      Also what is the last 5 yrs ave these spuds won that has made them so much better??

      Cant wait till harry boy leave s to manage Engerland and the spuds go bust LMAO ever club he has managed has hit the financial buffers after he has left

    • Van der FART needs to learn the history of his club. Reminder­ mate, it's October, spurs always seem good in­ October, it's where you are in May that­ counts.
      Spurs will hit the self destruct button mid­ season as always and drift back into their usual euro­ league position after losses to Wigan or wolves or­ whoever. Once that happens he will know for sure that­ he plays for spurs! HA HA HA HA ha

    • He's understandably getting carried away with their home win against the mighty QPR