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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 2, 2011 12:19 Flag

    Van der Vaart: Spuds are better than Arsenal

    Devilfish i agree with you i remember Joey Barton saying QPR will finish above arsenal come May hahahahahha LOOK at the table now lol

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    • They come out with this stuff every year, and every year the same.
      I am more worried about Liverpool and even Newcastle than Spurs

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      • Blimey..you Arsenal faithful are really rattled by one player's opinion aren't you? Personally I would rather he let Spurs' football do the talking instead of coming out with these statements, but it has served to wind you guys up a bit, but please...give us a little credit. None of the Spurs fans I know are getting that carried away, even though most of the gooner fans I know have already got the title and Champions League in their pockets on the strength of Arsenal's revival over the last few games, so they are quite capable of a bit of crowing! So, we're in your shadow and we've got to qualify for the next umpteen Champions Leagues until we can be called better than you. Fair enough, but our form is good and we're playing some beautiful stuff in spite of injuries, so yes, why shouldn't we be optimistic? Arsenal are playing well and have found a bit of form..and when players like Wilshere come back in, they could well be in the mix and challenging come spring. But at the moment RvP is about 50% of your team, and your defence is not organised at the moment, so yes, I would say we are at least as good as you, if not better. For now! As for just hoping we finish above you being our only ambition, that's wrong! We want to finish above everyone...that just includes you. Let's face it, if we do finish above you we will have to finish high, won't we?
        COYS and long live the rivalry!