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  • The Londoners The Londoners Oct 31, 2011 22:05 Flag

    A Prompt Card for Baptist.....

    .....for your next 'sermon' Called Faith:-

    There is Arsene Wengers total faith in a higher principle; a
    determination, that vindication awaits and absolution stands close at hand. Something that Arsene Wenger believes in. Unlike some who are gathered here today.
    The emphatic win over Chelsea could be seen as the ultimate reposte(look it up St John V.3 Ch 8)to his critics.
    But its more than that brethren. This was not just proof that we 'The Gunners' are not finished. This was ridding ourselves of the humiliation of the last few months. This was us reminding the world of our relevance. Letting them know that a rival must suffer, in the same way we have ourselves. Amen...

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    • I see Fab & Slayer have been busy rating your post.

      As it's only got 3*'s, let me help out by giving you a 5* rating.

      I hope you feel better soon.

      Drop into The Emirates when you do and I will buy you a beer.

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      • Well thats very sporting of you. I would have preferred rave reviews for all the effort, but you cant have it all....at least your demeanour might have improved with a clean sheet, and dare I say it, a more faithful approach to your support for what after all is the greatest team in the history of football. And Barca and Man Utd were just pipe dreams when Arsenal were banging in 7 against A. Villa away from home, with Ted Drake scoring all 7. Now thats what we call having pedigree, or just sheer class.