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  • The Londoners The Londoners Nov 4, 2011 07:18 Flag

    Willy R / What does he actually do?

    Have a look in your diary for me will u Willy, and tell me what it is you do when you get to your seat at the Emirates? Do you have a fold out desk, note books, binoculars, players stats and form book, and perhaps a flask of tea, and a cut lunch wrapped by mum? Because you sure as hell dont enjoy the game from the sound of your posts.
    Between you, me, and the door post, I think you need to let yourself go for once, and enjoy a game for what its there for. Entertainment. No more no less. You pays your money and you take your chance.And all your analyses of the game and players will not add a jot to the eventual outcome. I dread to think how you would have survived The North Bank and a freezing cold day, when the boys weren't doing very well. I doubt you and your stats friend would have made the effort, or have enjoyed the sight of 'Our Henry' coming down the left, toward The North Bank, with the speed, grace, and agility of startled Gazelle, leaving the full back for dead, and curling a sublime shot into the top corner of the net??!! No? I thought not.
    Thats not a stat Willy boy. Thats a memory. enjoyed.

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