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  • Govinda Govinda Nov 6, 2011 09:42 Flag

    What is Wenger's Status Now?

    For me nothing has changed. We have gone backwards over the last many years to the extend that even he doesn't talk about us winning the PL any longer. We will struggle to finish in the top 4, which given his team's tendency for late season collapse is still a long shot.

    He has mismanaged the situation with Cesc and Nasri spectacularly and forced us into a ridiculously desperate transfer spree missing out on any similar players. Arteta, should have been icing on the cake given his age not the main purchase.

    Don't let the joy of salvaging 4th (which is still an uncomfortable long shot and at the moment aided by RVP playing like a God) distract you from the fact that a club as ours was supposed to compete with the top clubs rather than be happy with 4th.

    The only difference for me is, if we finish 4th Wenger remains just not good enough, if we finish outside the top 4 he has proven to be a disaster. Neither of those is what we need.

    He could go a long way IMO by making some moves in the up coming transfer window, sign a top striker and an other midfield players in the mold of Hazzard or Gotze. That would show me he wants to get back to the top.

    Don't forget we often do well in the first part of the season, it's our lack of depth that causes our poor 2nd half of season performances.

    I concede that some of the above weakness should be shared by the board and the owner not just Wenger.

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    • Scott is right to point out the unlevel playing field. However, Martinii is also 100% right about lack of squad depth being a major issue. I would suggest a solution is the sale of the likes of Bendtner, Denilson, Vela, Chamakh and Lansbury in the January/summer, in exchange for a couple of signings in the January transfer window. My main thought is if we can get money for players Wenger doesn't want to play, it makes sense if we can then pep up the first team. The players above would easily raise 30 million. My main fear is what happens if RVP gets injured or burnt out.
      I am pro-Wenger when I look at the lack of resources over the last decade. Only Everton seem to spend less. However, things aren't so bad at Arsenal financially anymore so he could squeeze the board for a couple of top players to give us a fighting chance of a trophy.