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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Nov 7, 2011 18:41 Flag

    Why is it????

    Why is it that a large percentage of those 'Arsenal supporters' ( Ok Ok ...i use the term 'support' with tongue firmly in cheek here) who have chosen to deride the team and Wenger on this board in recent times, suddenly started being abusive towards those posters who have held the more positive outlook for Wenger and the team??

    Is it because they have egg on their faces or what???

    Do they not like to see 'their team' faring well in the face of adversity????

    I really am most perplexed.

    (Nice to see Dopey Derek back....with his afro up Johns behind though. I have missed him! What sport!!!)

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    • I am pretty sure most of the Wenger detractors would gladly take a hen in the face and not just an egg if we went on to win greater things. A mini revival must surely feel like vindication for your unwavering belief. But what our team is doing now is expected. We defeated Barca and almost knocked them until RVP was sent off. Arsenal is and was capable of defeating any team on a given day. But the consistency and lack of depth has been and remains a problem.

      Do you really believe we are stronger as a team now? The way I see it we are where we were last season. A step backwards if one has to be over critical. I have always fiercely defended Wenger but he hasn't kept his own promises. So as a fan i do feel let down. It hurts. Just feel he is his biggest enemy. And his vision for the club needs a rehaul.

      Remember we are just one injury away from being ordinary again! God I keep hoping and praying RVP stays injury free! With international duty round the corner, I feel jittery as RVP came back sccrreewed after his national duties in the past.

      Dont get too ahead of yourself Fab, we haven't won jack as yet! When and if we do, me and the other so called Anti-Wengerites will gladly and joyously line up to take all the eggs you wish to chuck around!

    • Told you before Fab. Like talking to a parrot with some on here. And yes how bloody quick they are to forget their rubbishing AW not just once or twice, but until the f...kers were blue in the face with it, and rubbishing me as well as anyone else who had a bit of backbone to stand up and be counted. Diamond blokes you'd have next to you when the chips are down.
      The rest. Not even a grovelling apology from the pricks.

    • What's up?

      The truth hurt???

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      • "Please acknowledge me. Anybody? Please - I'm losing my mind here, I can't stand being ignored!"

        It comes to something when the biggest c*nts on this board like Slayer and Dodgy think that you're too insignificant to bother backing up.

        Feel free to reply to as many of your posts as you like. Nobody is taking any notice.

        Much Love xxx