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  • Joe Joe Nov 22, 2011 21:23 Flag

    Tottenham to win the tittle????

    COYS!!! Indeed HRJ!

    Glad you're here to help clear up what Big H actually said, poor blokes just got back to work, he doesn't need anyone misquoting him already!

    Lubov, Well done for posting a football related post, they are becoming far to rare on this board! come on goons, you must have more to offer than endless, mindless, unfounded abuse?! surely?

    Come on gooners, it won't kill you to admit we are playing some beautiful football! as the self proclaimed kings of 'beautiful football' surely you lot appreciate what's going on at the Mighty Tottenham!! it won't kill you lest hear your thoughts on how well your rivals are doing, ha ha ha ha.

    as ever.............


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