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    Who should be at Arsenal next season

    It's very unlikely that Arsen will buy in January so lets forget about that but if we don't make CL next year how can we attract top players.

    It's obvious we are weak in the GK department and the defence needs some more steel.

    I would like Arsen to bring in Cahil, Schweinsteiger and Hazard and of course two cloned players in Henry and Bergkamp, not to much of a wish.

    So come next season, who would you like to see at Arsenal, any ideas?

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    • Well these are the people we have to sell:
      Chamakh, Arshavin, Squillaci, Bendtner & Almunia
      Coquelin wants more first team football
      Rosicky had his injuries ruining his whole career just like Eduardo but both are decent (obviously no more eduardo)
      Diaby doesn't last more than 2 games
      Djourou is utter rubbish
      People I think we should sign:
      A new back up for Szesczny not Fabianski and Mannone's "potential"
      A Right back so that Jenkinson can have time and probably play as an emergency CB if needed.
      So we can buy Alex from Chelsea for cheap.
      Order: Vermaelen Koscielny Alex and then Mertesacker *needs time to settle*
      Loan Lukaku and buy another top class srtiker

    • Any comment on the actual personnel that might arrive in Jan or next summer is pure guess work. As AW has said if the right quality comes along at the right price then he would buy, problem is the quality we need is not available at our price so any wish list of Goetze, Hazard etc is dreamland I'm afraid.

      We definately need a stronger No 2 GK and a utility defender who can play central or wide. we have a lot in the middle so it depends who goes as to who might arrive. And we all know we need a quality striker to back up RVP.

      As to who goes, well that's easier. Flapianski, Almunia, Squillacci, Yossi's loan will probably end in him leaving, Arshavin, Chamakh, Rosicky, and to me Park is just not good enough. And waiting in the wings on loan are Bendtner, Denilson, who we dont want to see again, and Vela who will probably stay in Spain.

      I expect maybe 5 out, one or two bigger buys in, and two or three from AW's bargain basement of unsung talent. We will be in with a shout for fourth this year so that will obviously help.

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      • Teams like Utd and Chelsea will be going through a rebuild and I guess a lot of the clubs will be looking a for a payday come next summer. I think this Jan would be a great chance to nip in and pick up two top draw players at a realistic price or at least at the price Arsenal can afford. I think if Arsen spent big it would also reassure RVP and send out the right message to all those pretenders who think they can play football. Three major names is what we need 1 in each third of the park plus a quality No 2 GK.
        I think you are bang on the money with the names that need to go, they just don't cut the mustard and the work ethic is pretty poor too!

    • Schweinsteiger - In our sweet lucid dreams will be get this guy. Great player but do we need another CM at the moment

      Hazard - If Lille are actually being serious he'll cost £50m. My reckoning is they'd accept £30-35m. Still massively out of our price range

      Cahill - I seem to be in the minority here but I really think he's overrated. He's consistent in his average-ness ie. doesnt ever have a mare but we can do better and I'd say we have better in Kos and Thomas.

      I'm gonna follow the tabloid line and say what we need is to spend 3/4 of our transfer budget on a top top striker. I have no idea how Falcao ended up at Atletico but thats the sort of bloke we need.

      There's a lot of commotion happening over Marco Reus and from what I've seen for good reason. Should fall just about into our price range.

      Gotze - <Sigh> Would be amazing but I just can't see it happening. I smell another Ribery/Mata transfer where we seem the most likely destination for him but get pipped at the death. I would be very surprised if Bayern didn't try to get him but whether or not Dortmund would sell him to them is another question.

      We're not far off. We have a very good foundation to build on and a lot of utter shite to offload but we're not that far away. A top game changing striker to take some of the responsibility off Van Persie (peace be upon him), a left back to replace Gibbs (he will NEVER be fit for more than 3 games at at time, I guarantee it) and a top left winger to replace Arshavin (refer above i.e utter shite) in case Gervinho gets injured or for when he goes to the ANC.

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      • Some great players mentioned there and any would do to be honest but the club would need to be mindful about how many English players we have, hence Cahill.

        You are right about offloading our deadwood because not only are they playing below par but their body language is so wrong and it speads like a virus, better to get rid now and use the money on some top draw players.

        Good or Bad, Gooner till I Die