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  • chippybrady chippybrady Dec 14, 2011 11:30 Flag

    Could Wenger Resurrect Torres ?

    I find it sad that such a great and feared striker as Torres was is now a figure of ridicule.

    Class is permanent and I think a lot of Torres' issues are down to lack confidence.

    News today suggesting Chelsea are about to cut their losses and let him go in January.

    Could Wenger get the best out of Torres again?

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    • '1. £20m is too much for AW to spend on one player'

      Erm...i seem to recall reports of him bidding in the region of this amount just last summer actually.

      '3. Torres is shot as a player'

      Oh.......Johns superior knowledge shows itself once again! (Dear oh dear oh dear oh dear)

      'AW would not waste the money on Torres (in January) as he would not be an immediate asset to us.'

      Oh i seeeeee!!! Why oh why Wenger stumped out a fortune on other players in January (some wholly unused to the Premier league) is far beyond me then!!


    • Torres IS a class act.

      Something has upset his game at Chelsea.

      I would love to see him in an Arsenal shirt.....but i can't see Chelski willing to sell him to Arsenal. I reckon Wenger would water at the mouth at the thought of Fernando Joining. Arsene tried to sign him years ago remember.

    • Torres was class for liverpool but playing below his best at Chelsea, if Arsen could get him cheap and get inside his head then he could be a good buy but not at a price comparable to what Arsen would pay for Hazard, or Podolski or even Gotze.

      On the cheap or not at all, over valued at 50 million true value was 30 million and now valued at present performances at 17 million and he wont sell for that.

    • He's not for sale. Don't believe everything you read in the papers.


    • I dont think it all a confidence issue, he was on fire then he got an injury a hamstring tear and then i feel was rushed back and had another hamstring injury and i feel it is his hamstrings and the subequent drop in pace that are the problem not confidence in his ability but the confidence in his body to do what he wants it to do ie run fast after a ball
      But i think we have more pressing issues ie we need full backs

    • I don't know how he would fit in.

      For £20m, I don't think he would bring anything more to the party than we already have.

      It's clear that the Chelsea system doesn't work for him. Shame as he was once up there with Henry in terms of speed/deadliness in front of goal.