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  • Joe Joe Dec 21, 2011 12:41 Flag

    8 Games & £40k


    Apparently Suarez prepared a statement, which when reviewed contained enough information to charge him, effectively he confessed to using racially insulting language. He's blaming cultural differences and a lack of understanding/education.

    I think your little scenario is the only way your goons could win the league this season, mind you, you're still in the CL.......good luck with that, reckon you'll beat AC Milan and get torn a new one when you meet Real or Barca, here hoping!! ha ha

    If this sets the precedent then Terry is in trouble! as you point out, with Suarez V Evra nobody heard or saw and signs of racially abusive language on the day. With JT, well have you seen the footage?


    Damning! I can't see how he's going to argue against this?

    I'm surprised at how quick KK and AVB have spoken out in support, surely they are putting themselves in the firing line with such hasty behaviour, which seems to condone the actions of their players?

    as ever......................


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