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  • ANNE ANNE Jan 4, 2012 08:23 Flag


    Spuds are having their best season since '61 and never again' and AFC having their worst season yet and still hot on the heels of the spuds - there is a long way to go yet so no-ne has bragging rights...so best to run along back to the spuds board..

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    • Hi Anne, this is the lowest position Arsenal have been in for many years at this stage of the season, but it's not over by far.

      Spuds on the other hand are playing the best football they have known for over 50 years.....that's 50 long years.....Ouch!
      Yes they have a good side at the moment but the supporters are more keen on rubbing the Gooners nose in it about the positions in the table but in their deepest of hearts they wish they were in our position with our record and CL appearances.