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    About Time for Some Wheeling and Dealing?

    Of course everyone has heard of these names, and chances are that the following players, while highly talented and destined for greatness, are likely going to cost ridiculous sums given the highly inflated transfer market of late:

    Christian Eriksen, 19
    Right-footed (but strong left), Attacking Midfielder, AFC Ajax

    Mamadou Sakho, 21
    Left-footed, Centreback/Leftback, Paris Saint-Germain FC

    Mario Götze, 19
    Right-footed, Attacking Midfielder/Central Midfielder, Borussia Dortmund

    Eden Hazard, 20
    Right/Left-footed, Attacking Midfielder/Winger, Lille OSC

    Kevin Strootman, 21
    Left-footed, Central Midfielder, PSV Eindhoven

    Thiago Alcântara, 20
    Right-footed, Central Midfielder, FC Barcelona

    Toni Kroos, 22
    Right-footed, Attacking Midfielder/Winger, FC Bayern Munich

    On the other hand, there are the following, who are also talented, but haven't received significant media coverage as their colleagues above, and are therefore likely to be available for much less:

    Ganso, 22
    Left-footed, Attacking Midfielder, Santos FC

    Xherdan Shaqiri, 20
    Left-footed, Winger, FC Basel

    Sotiris Ninis, 21
    Right-footed, Attacking Midfielder/Right Winger, Panathinaikos FC

    Luuk De Jong, 21
    Right-footed, Striker, FC Twente

    Alan Dzagoev, 21
    Right-footed, Attacking Midfielder, CSKA Moscow

    Jordi Alba, 22
    Right-footed, Leftback/Left Winger, Valencia CF

    Alvaro Vadillo, 17
    Left-footed, Left Winger, Real Betis

    Isco, 19
    Right-footed, Attacking Midfielder, Málaga CF

    Diego Buonanotte, 23
    Left-footed, Attacking Midfielder/Winger, Málaga CF

    Alvaro Vazquez, 20
    Right-footed, Striker, RCD Espanyol

    Gerard Deulofeu, 17
    Right-footed, Forward/Left Winger, Barcelona

    Jesé Rodriguez, 18
    Right-footed, Winger, Real Madrid

    Rasmus Elm, 23
    Right-footed, Midfielder, AZ Alkmaar

    Isaac Cuenca, 20
    Right-footed, Right Winger, FC Barcelona

    Ross Barkley, 18
    Right/Left-footed, Midfielder, Everton FC

    Lucas Moura, 19
    Right-footed, Attacking Midfielder, São Paulo FC

    Kevin Großkreutz, 23
    Right-footed, Winger, Borussia Dortmund

    André Schürrle, 21
    Right/Left-footed, Forward/Winger, Bayer 04 Leverkusen

    Marco Reus, 22
    Right-footed, Midfielder/Forward, Borussia Mönchengladbach

    Olivier Giroud, 25
    Right-footed (but strong left), Striker, Montpellier HSC

    Predictably, the list boasts more Spanish and German youngsters as they seem to be winning both silverware and plaudits at different youth levels, and hardly any English/British players due to massive over-pricing. But it isn't that hard is it? Come on Monsieur Wenger, you don't have to spend that much to get some much needed quality in the squad to replace the likes of Bendtner, Chamakh, Rosický, Benayoun, Koscielny, Squillaci, Denilson, Vela, Arshavin, etc. These players are either past-it, has-beens, or 'youngsters' that never really fulfilled their potential. I do not think that a few panic buys at the end of the last transfer window has really done anything to change the fact that we are firmly a 4th place side in our domestic competition. Face it, without an infusion of quality and ejection of debris, this squad will never really achieve the heights of Wenger's previous squads. Boys, I'd be interested to know what some of you think regarding the players I've put up in the above lists.

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    • There are many aspects to being a successful club. But deciding to spend the least net on players except for Everton this season, massively reduces our chances of success.

      Why should RVP stay, when Arsenal choose not to reinvest profits in players? How can Arsenal operate with only one classy striker? How can it be acceptable to have no fit wing-backs in the middle of a transfer window? Do we truly think that we will qualify for the CL? Are we prepared to lose the CL revenue due to an unwillingness to invest profits in improving the squad?

      Arsenal please invest in players, it isn't a crime. Don't borrow a penny. Just spend the summer transfer profits.

    • The lack of responses to this post, in light of the fact that we are now 4 points off a CL spot, shows that some of you boys on here may be as clueless as Monsieur Wenger when it comes to identifying weaknesses in the squad.

      @ Butterfly: Leave me out of your playground squabbles with the other children. My threads are intended for grown-ups or kids that take their football seriously.

      @ Aquaman & DraytonGooner: Thanks, let me know where to mail in my CV. Happy to help; God knows Wenger needs it!

      @ Raider: My list includes plenty that aren't automatic starters at their respective clubs and therefore may be available at cut price.

      @ John: I've played FIFA12 a couple of times courtesy of my ex-boyfriend. Decent game, but if I were to 'scout' from a game, I'd take Football Manager over FIFA any day. Didn't your mother ever teach you, "If you don't have anything nice to say, best not say anything?"

      @ Vito: No copyright, luv. Copy-paste away at will. Hopefully, it gets in front of Wenger somewhere, somehow.

    • 'Gem' of a post, Gemma. 5 stars. Mind if I borrow it?

    • I like a lot of the players you have posted and many of them would be on any managers radar who wants to compete at the highest level but the question is would they be available mid season and at what price?

      There is also the problem of clubs letting go of their prized assets, but like you, I hope they do and Arsen gets in early and buys 2 or 3 top quality young stars or even some experienced players, just as long as they are proven and quality because thats what the squad is missing at the moment, quality in depth.

    • Do you work for Prozone or something? You need to send a CV to the board and join the scouting team. Good post.

    • Great post. I hope we spend some on fixing the leaky defense. Taking some of the strain off van Persie would be good though. More succinctly I suppose: we need more offense, we need more defense. GO GUNNERS!!!!!!!Please for the love of God do SOMETHING.

    • Seeing the way your team were collectively gang-raped by the Toon army at Sports Direct Arena, shouldn't you be posting this shit on your board Rikky?

      TWO defeats on the bounce REMEMBER...........