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  • John John Jan 12, 2012 10:25 Flag

    The top team in Nth London.

    Being as you are so delighted with Spurs doing so well, I guess you will be shouting for Arsenal then when we play on the 22nd?

    They have possibly the best chance ever of winning the league this year. They have a good squad, and Utd/Chelsea are not so good anymore. City have caved anytime they come under pressure, and we do our usual dance around the top four.

    It's there for them to win.

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    • Only halfway through the season guy's don't count your chickens. Spuds have had their best season in decades but can they continue it? Chelsea and Arsenal have had their worst start for ages, don't assume it will continue for the rest of the season like that. Arsenal will chase the CL spot to the last day, trust me and as for winning the PL I don't think Spuds have quite got what it takes this season but it pains me to say they are playing decent football. If City do go on and win the PL then next season transfers will be some big news with megabucks club spending crazy to catch up and we will have to do the same, but will Arry be a big enough lure for world class players?