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  • Took some abuse from 'Liverpool' supporters on his way home from the game the other night.

    Personally I think the news is wrong. The guys sound like they come from the Midlands, not Liverpool.

    Still, the comments were funny to hear, and what the hell was he driving. It looked like a Porsche Panamera. YIKES!

    I have a funny feeling Nasri will be shipped out to PSG in the summer. He spends most of the time warming the bench at City.


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    • Na$ri was considered a world class player whlist playing for Arsenal, now he´s nothing but a bench warmer, he´s simply average! SERVES HIM RIGHT!!! Oh, btw, judging by this lads accent, I don´t think they were scousers though.

    • as you said to me John when i was speaking about his footballing contributions at man city

      "Who cares anymore? He buggered off for more money. He's got more money. Now he gets rotated like everyone else, rather than having a bigger part to play if he had stayed here.

      Maybe City's training/fitness/rules aren't as rigged as they are at Arsenal."