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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 18, 2012 10:20 Flag

    When the CAT is away...

    ..oh how the LITTLE SQUEAKY MICE will play.

    What a bunch of WEASLES you lot are.

    You have Rikky growing some cyber balls because Hissy Chrissy put in an ever decreasing appearance (due to the rise of Man City, the fall of United...and the FACT he gets SLAPPED HARD at every turn my yours truly).

    You have Jambo Derek rubbing his cyber balls because big bad bald John has declared he has me on ignore (for the 100th time in a week...do you think i give a f*ck ? PMSL!!)

    And you have all and sundry coming out with the usual B0LL0CKS that Wenger needs to be sacked. That he has it 'ALL WRONG' because of the recent bad results.

    John, sage like, declares 'Wenger needs to sign BIG NAMES'........what a TOTAL C*NT!!!! The last 'BIG NAME' he did sign was Arshavin....and he has flopped like Dereks penis when 'Momma needs some lovin!'. Maybe he should have gone for Shevchenko? Or Torres??? PMSL!!!!

    The FACT that half the f*cking midfield is either out in Africa or sitting in the medical room along with every wing back at the club CLEARLY has no effect at all on results eh NUMB NUTS?

    And anyway.....even if that does have an effect the answer is simple......


    F*ck me....even Henry is having a dig at you MORONS.....and he's only been back 5 minutes!

    Bye bye dipsh!ts.

    Grow some cyber balls.............NOW!!!!

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