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  • John John Jan 22, 2012 21:46 Flag

    All too predictable

    You know me Mar. It was no surprise at all.

    I dare anyone to say they were shocked at the loss. The only saving grace was the scoreline wasn't a disaster. Nevertheless, any positive attitude the players had will now be on the wane, which will no doubt mean that our second half of the season implosion will be along shortly.

    Top six anyone?

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    • Top 6 did you say?...well at least most AFC fans are now accepting the reality...Top 4 is definitely out of our reach except of course Chelsea implodes.....and they don't have that history..

      we are generally poorer in the run in I expect Liverpool to to over overtake us....if we implode like the end of last season we may not even get a europa league spot...

      Maybe thats whats got to happen to change things at this club...

    • Reading some of you on here, I don't know how the hell you're are going to continue on with your sour attitudes toward 'your' team, should they go on and do something remarkable by the end of the season. How will you stand up to the realisation that you were wrong? You cant plead ignorance or temporary loss of faith, because you have already shown these 'qualities' in abundance since the summer. There has been no support from you in any shape or form. You continually bleat like sheep about things, almost parrot like, each week. Nothing Arsenal can do is good enough. So what will you say to all the faithful supporters when they ask you why didnt you believe'? And there lays your predicament. I suppose the only answer for you is to pray that 'your' team fail as miserably as your faith. Because if they dont I wonder if any of you would sleep straight after. Possibly In your cases. Perhaps it would be a forlorn hope to expect you to apologies and admit that you were wrong. Personally I wouldn't bet against Arsenal. Strange things can happen toward the end of the season. For example do you remember the time everyone had written Liverpool off the last time they won the CL. 3 nil down at HT and you could have got 1000 to 1 for them. Ring any bells. There is still a very long way to go before the 'vultures of human failure' can move in and claim the carcass. But once again, I wouldn't bet on it. I've long since given up caring about anything you lot say on here..... after all you are, relatively speaking, 'little people' when it comes to Arsenal and what Arsenal has given to us in the passed. As for its history 'Victory from Harmony'. Mean anything??

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      • Exactly where have you been the last seven years Dodge?

        The saddest part of it all is we're still going backwards.

        You might have faith in the present incumbents at Arsenal but you're in a minority with your mate Flabongrass.

      • Love all this rubbish about how taking off Oxlade-Chamberlain cost Arsenal the game. Chamberlain had a good game going forward but the lack of support he gave to Arsenal`s defenders was one of the reasons why United`s wingers had a field day.

      • You're fooling no one Gilly, you're obsessed with reading peoples posts on here, look how wound up you continually get!

        You're club is a joke now, Wenger is totally incompetent, you're completely bereft of ANY quality besides the injury prone Van Persie, and your sole objective every season now is to scrape 4th place,....which has been getting more difficult every year.

        This season? Impossible with this squad.

        United were in 3rd gear today, they even let you back in, just for fun. But it was so easy it was boring, and a bit sad when you think back to the mighty tussles we used to have!

        Get rid of Wenger and get someone in who is young and hungry. Its not rocket science, I've been saying the same sh*t correctly for 7 years, even dumb sh*ts like you can work it out.

      • I can see a lot of people on here moaning about Arsenal and most of them are not true supporters and in some cases support other clubs.
        If your going to support your club, then bloody well support them.
        Oxlade coming off didn't loose us the game, sure he had a good game and asked lots of questions of the utd defence but everyone is looking for an escape goat in AW.
        Arshavin could easily have come on and made a difference, but he didn't. We all accept that Arsenal are thin on the ground with quality in depth and yes something needs to be done but buying 4 world class player in January ain't gonna happen, so deal with it. Anyone who comes in has to be better then what we have and if they are from overseas they need at least half a season to adapt so where will the players come from. The type of players we want are still in the CL and wont leave or have a price tag that is unrealistic.
        How do you think we would have fared had we had a full strength team out because when that day comes we would give any of the top 4 a run for there money.