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  • Raider Raider Jan 23, 2012 10:40 Flag

    All too predictable

    I can see a lot of people on here moaning about Arsenal and most of them are not true supporters and in some cases support other clubs.
    If your going to support your club, then bloody well support them.
    Oxlade coming off didn't loose us the game, sure he had a good game and asked lots of questions of the utd defence but everyone is looking for an escape goat in AW.
    Arshavin could easily have come on and made a difference, but he didn't. We all accept that Arsenal are thin on the ground with quality in depth and yes something needs to be done but buying 4 world class player in January ain't gonna happen, so deal with it. Anyone who comes in has to be better then what we have and if they are from overseas they need at least half a season to adapt so where will the players come from. The type of players we want are still in the CL and wont leave or have a price tag that is unrealistic.
    How do you think we would have fared had we had a full strength team out because when that day comes we would give any of the top 4 a run for there money.


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    • How is moaning about poor decision making and crap players not supporting your team?

      You AKB sheep are pretty thick really, aren't you?

    • "How do you think we would have fared had we had a full strength team out because when that day comes we would give any of the top 4 a run for there money." -yes but other clubs do it with a squad as they accept injuries are part and parcel of the game - something arsenal fans dont seem to understand

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      • Most teams can play the what if we had a full strength squad routine, including United who had several key players missing yesterday and who at one stage of the season didn`t even have 4 fit defenders.Or how about Newcastle, who could point to how their results have nose dived since they picked up key injuries and lost their best 2 players to the African Cup of Nations. Football these days is a squad game and the only reason why Arsenal miss their players more than their rivals is because too many of their backup players aren`t good enough.

    • Yes, and destructive fans support Wenger no matter what.

      Our level of second tier players is so thin that we no longer need world class players to improve our squad.

      Look at Santos, hardly a world class left back yet he improved our squad since he has qualities and is a decent player.

      If have moved for Wayne Bridge on a loan deal, he would do a better job than Vermaelen as make shift LB.

      Arteta, hardly a world class player, has shown what experience can bring to our squad, and his absence has cost us. Can you imagine what the experience of Scott Parker could have done for us? Hardly a world class player.

      Wenger persists in playing players that have no future at the club like Djourou and Arshavin and holds back players that possibly do have a future. Why did Ox only at this stage of the season get a meaningful start? We all know Gervinho would be missing for the ACN! So why not play the kid before now?

      Nice arguable did a better job than Djourou in the second half.

      Benayoon has shown more ambition in his work rate than Arshavin so why didn't he come in? We knew our backs were inexperienced and need more help from midfield than Arshavin typically brings.

      The last two and possibly three loses could have been avoided had we got on loan any half way decent backs yet we didn't.

      We all seem to know, including Wenger, that Chamakh is not the answer to our lack of goals outside of RvP yet nothing structurally has been done to alleviate the burden from RvP. This burden is starting to show.

      4th place is still possible but with a manger like Wenger it is unlikely, and if we do secure CL football for next year it won’t be because of Wenger but it will be despite the unacceptable risks this man takes with the future of the club.

      He should make an effort to move on the Squils, Djourou’s and Chamakh’s of the world and make an effort to sign a few half way decent players instead.