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    Blame the board not wenger

    Its not wenger fault that arsenal are struggling to win games and have lots of injuries and no new players coming in. How comes no one is questioning silent Stan. Remember its the board that give Wenger money 2 buy players. What can Wenger do when the board won't give him any money to add to the team??? Wake up people. Stop calling for Wenger head forgetting what he has done over the last few seasons.

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    • "Wake up people. Stop calling for Wenger head forgetting what he has done over the last few seasons."

      I don't get this. What Arsene Wenger has done over the last few seasons, is take the club backwards.

      IF it is as you suggest, the boards fault for not providing Wenger with the funds necessary to bring in the players we need, Why has he not simply come out like many managers do, and say it? Why has kept quiet, and simply taken his wages? Do you think AW is happy to simply limp along with what he can scrape off the bottom of the barrel?

      There is more to it than simply stating that it is Wengers fault, or it is the Boards fault. It's stupid to simply ask that Wenger gets sacked as that isn't going to happen. I think it's fair to ask him to stand up and tell us why he hasn't done what was necessary to win silverware, or own up if it is his fault.

      If we haven't got a team good enough to cope without injured players, or the training/diet means that we get mroe injuries than other teams, then that is also Wengers fault. He runs the backroom staff. He should be able to sort out the dietitions, physios and trainers to get more out of the players.

      I watch the likes of Gervinho and Diaby run about on what appear to be stick thin legs and sparrows ankles, and wonder why they aren't permanently on crutches.

      Nobody here knows how to fix it, but we know all is not right.

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      • Wenger hasn't 'taken the club backwards' at all.

        Fact is the likes of Chelsea and now City have surpassed Arsenal simply by throwing staggering amounts of cash around.

        .."..not providing Wenger with the funds necessary to bring in the players we need"

        1. The funds are available according to....well.....EVERYONE at the club bar Ustanov (unless you believe Arsenal should be matching the above mentioned clubs spending prowess).

        2. What are these 'players we need'??? If the players we already have were fit then arguably we wouldn't need any would we?!?!?!?!

        Fact is Arsenal have suffered GREATLY with injuries in recent years. More so than the competition.

        Arsenal have had to compete using hugely depleted squads and against clubs who have had the advantage of far greater finance.

        That is why they have struggled in recent years.

        F*ck me, it's not rocket science.

      • How much did he spend this summer/early season, on crappy squad players (Gervinho excluded)?

        Keep telling yourselves the board is to blame, if it helps.

        When you see Carrick and Valencia playing in defence for us, 4 ft 2 Evra at CB, plus a couple of OAP's in midfield, some of you must get an awful headache!

    • its not just the lack of signings, look at wengers tactics, playing Djourou at right back, continually playing arshavin who has not had a good game for 2 years and persisting with walcott when he plainly is not good enough, taking off oxlade chamberlain when he was the only one making any good runs against united was a terrible decision and all we get are more excuses, time to go wenger but thanks for the memories, BTW this is the worst arsenal team for 20 years,

    • I agree with some of what you say lubov. Unfortunately AW is a a victim of circumstances outwith his control, and certainly his reputation has been blighted by so many injuries that have made it difficult to field a full team at anyone time, and certainly not consistently for a very long time. Even as we speak Wiltshire has had a setback to his recovery. So we must ask, when is this ever going to end? However on the brighter side of things, we are still in with a chance in the CL; and nowhere near out of it for the FA Cup and 4th spot in the PL....