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  • Raider Raider Jan 30, 2012 12:31 Flag

    A game of two very different halfs.

    Per Mertesaker was brought in because of his height to win the aerial battles but I just don't see him giving it some at all.
    PM and Verminator should be dealing with these balls all day long.
    The defences positional play really needs working on and most of the goals we concede is because the defence are holding hands with our forwards and not doing their job.
    PM is getting sucked out of position to often and someone needs to take the Adams role of controlling the back four and working as a unit.

    Much better performance from Walcott (for once) and Oxlade is top draw. All in all the second half is how we want to see Arsenal play. Keeping the ball but driving forward at defences because in todays modern game, its easy to commit defenders to make rash tackles and hence plenty of penalties.

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    • If you look at the Dunne goal, it was Koscielny who was supposed to be marking him.

      Vermaelen was playing LB.

      I'm sorry, but Richard Dunne is no push-over and Koscielny was too light to deal with him.

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      • I agree that Dunn is no weasle, but there was 3 defenders around him doing nothing, they should have been at least challenging.

        What I am saying for PM is that with his height he should be getting a challenge in and he just isn't at the moment. Defenders should jumping early to prevent the forwards jumping and not being second to the jump.