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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Apr 15, 2013 15:38 Flag

    DODGE- The BAPTIST- BUTCH & Lucky Old Me.

    Glad you did your homework Butch. Most of what you say is correct, accept we were not carrying 'lube oil' as you state, but Empty, New, 44 gallon drums from Van Leer Singapore, for the US military. I also notice that you didn't include the facts of the sinking. Tut tut! The cargo shifted during bad weather(usually the drums are carried above the holds on the fore deck), and they weren't secured well enough. The Captain was a Scotsman, Jack Stott, who worked for British Asian Shipping, as I did at that time, in Singapore. The drums were landed at Saigon, Quinhon, Cam Ranh Bay, and Danang, along the S. Vietnam coast. Our backload was war scrape, gun barrels, etc. I cannot say who picked us up, but it wasn't an American ship, and I did not go to Australia then, but a year later. I have the stamps on my old Passport proving all of this, both from the Joy Taylor, and her sister ship, The Doris Taylor. Mike Taylor the owner/director of British Asian Shipping, liked to name all his ships after his family. .. If you and John had lived a life, you may know enough, to tell you that what I say maybe the truth. What could he possibly gain from it if not? But of course not. What can be expected of you? I can only smile and thank God I'm still here, Happily married and just became a Grandfather. Life's good, especially with my team on the up. You don't sound that very accomplish yourself Butch, and I'm sorry for you and your troubles on here, as well as poor old John. Who simply hasn't got a clue how to handle life, people, or defeat. But if you want to phone me for proof of my claim, I'll send you the proof. 07931560181. There. Simple isn't it, to find the truth. No such thing from Cairns though. He just #$%$ because life is a #$%$ for him. Period. I think you have a little more upstairs though, John so I look forward to you forwarding the truth to your buddy Butch. BTW. Come on you Gunners!!!

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    • "I cannot say who picked us up, but it wasn't an American ship, and I did not go to Australia then, but a year later."

      As I said, it was all bullshit, and it WAS an American ship, I've contacted Ken Hunt and he confirms it, he also has no memory of any non-Malaysian crew.

      "..... who worked for British Asian Shipping, as I did at that time, in Singapore."

      That may well be true, but you weren't on the boat!

    • Helgoland in Vietnam, according to this doco the crew and medics were all German.


    • Interesting what you have come up with John. All I know is I was taken into Vung Tau and along the river to Saigon. Whether or not it was an American ship is debatable. I wasn't paying that much attention at the time.. But yes I would certainly be interested in speaking to this man you mentioned. I have nothing to hide, and welcome the chance to speak to someone who may be able to clear up one or two other questions I have about that time i.e. I and the Malay boys I worked with, received no compensation from the company, and lost my job to boot.. Where did you get this information from? This man may know of me, as I also did some time working on a Hospital ship (being an ex Medical Corp man) in Danang called 'The Heligoland', around '69 '70. He maybe able to fill in a few gaps for me. If not, well too bad. Its too long ago to make any difference now.

    • Still backing up your claim that it was not a US ship that rescued you?

      Petty Officer Ken Hunt from Oregon, serving on the U.S Coast Guard Ship Morgenthau may argue your claim.