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  • The Londoners The Londoners Feb 21, 2012 15:47 Flag

    DODGE- The BAPTIST- BUTCH & Lucky Old Me.

    Outstanding post Fabongrass(your arse is grass, and I'm the lawn mower). And of course I am on the dole feeble and helpless and can only get around with the help of a big busty blonde nurse who seems to have taken a shine to me(know what I mean Fab wink-wink) Well its more than The Baptist is getting Ha! Ha!(sorry about that. Just couldn't resist the ridiculous electronic laugh) Didn't think it was that obvious. But enough of that. Pity about old pencil head Johns response though, but there you are. Thats 'ignorance' for you. I seemed to have upset him so much he goes to all kinds of lengths to explain and justify something I mentioned as a wind up, something as trivial as using his company PC for private messages. As if I give a shit what this 'man'(that's debatable)does with his spare time. He can send messages to the bloody moon on his Company time for all I care. I dont know. I just have to scratch my head - with hair on it - and wonder about him sometimes. What I do know is that he is full of hate and wants revenge for every little stain on his character perpetrated on here by anyone. Its as though he lives and breathes this God awful place. This board could certainly do without him. Martletts and others had it right ages ago. 'This bloke gets of on himself..'
    My opinion though, is that he used to be readable, quite knowledgeable and uncompromising. Today he has been reduced to a mere miserable, abusive, singularity. Cant be nothing less, and will never be anything more than just that.
    Love your posts though. But dont expect much more back from me. You're really not in my league and I truly remonstrate with myself sometimes for even bothering... I dont think I will anymore.. As you shouldn't ...but you must love the abuse though, otherwise you know nothing about football it seems. Why would you bother?
    Its been fun though. That much I have to say. Though this wasn't much fun 06 59N 105 53E South of Saigon. But I've always considered myself lucky....and thats the way it will always be I believe. And I believe Arsenal will turn it around. Nothing more certain than that..
    Be lucky.. and dont take it all so seriously John...
    Regards 'Gillian' Ha! Ha!

    Oh! I almost forgot. Butch Altree. In case you're wondering about the co ordinates(and I think you will).I was picked up by an Australian registered ship out of Freemantle. And would you know it? Thats how I ended up in Australia in the early 70's. Now please tell everyone how I made that up will you Butch. Just as a last hoorah! for Butch.
    Been lovely having you Butch...

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