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  • FABongrass FABongrass Mar 4, 2012 18:57 Flag

    Pure Mentalism - Gillian-style!

    Oh... I haven't laughed so much since two big 'bears' tickled my balls at Metro.


    "Its great to read this going on about some of the great players that have played at WHL. I was also 'lucky' enough to have met and often chatted to Greavsie. He and Terry Venables often came to play at our school pitch in Goresbrook Rd Dagenham where they both lived as I did when moved out of central London in the 50's. Perhaps you may have read JG's book 'Greavsie'. If not you should. Gives a wealth of information about how things were in those days. I can just vaguely remember seeing Danny Blanchflower play, and well remember the bulldozer Smith and Mackay. I heard much talk about White but never saw him play. Pity I always think... Funny; in those days though. We had a split family, half in Finsbury Park, the other half in Bruce Grove on the Tottenham High Road. So Saturday mornings were hilarious....cheers Anyway. Just for the memory. Thanks"

    Much Love xxx