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  • Raider Raider Mar 8, 2012 13:24 Flag

    The worrying reality for clubs in the transfer mkt

    It's hard to know what to pay squad players as you look at Bentdner he was playing regular football in the first team (admitted badly) so was being payed accordingly but then became a fringe player so how do you reduce his salary legally.

    I guess the only option is to create basic salaries that are reasonable to live off and make the bonuses top heavy.

    So if you don't play we don't pay. There is obviously something like this in place already but the basics are just to high.

    When it comes to young talent, clubs are paying over the odds to secure their services rather then letting them go to the opposition.

    Arsenal have often bought very young EG: Walcott & Oxlade and for us it has worked out very well but we never broke the bank to do it and whilst we paid a lot of money for potential, we have been justified in doing so, this won't happen everytime!