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  • The Londoners The Londoners Mar 22, 2012 00:21 Flag

    Taxi For Baptist...

    ..... and he's still waiting outside the Emirates for Arsene to appear. Somebody forgot to tell The 'Preacher' that things have changed since last he supported Arsenal with anything, other than his negative crap on this board..
    Looking 'Sheepish' doesn't do him justice or his pals from the Mank board.. Always found out by the company you keep...This is the little fat kid at school, always running errands for the bullies, to try and keep in with them. If he wasn't such a sad sack I would laugh. As it is I just feel sorry for someone who has never known what side to back... Arsenal 1 - Everton 0. I've always known what side my breads butter on. Come on you Reds..get into them...Oh! Sorry just time for another Friar Tucks Old Peculiar Horse Piss; before bed......Oh dear oh dear...Oh dear!!

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    • Oh you're just so scary John.

      Tiss no wonder everyone on the planet refuses to meet you for a drink you little Bombay bad boy!

      "He's too much of a joke to be taken seriously now though. Much the same as the delusional idiot Fab."

      Delusional idiot!?!?!?!!

      Seems to me it is you that has done all the back tracking John.

      Seriously, WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON?????


    • Ooooh.......Bessies!!!

      Obrigado friend!!!

    • Can I add my two penneth?

      I cannot stomach 'Farty Pigstench' (John) or his ilk.

      If you are reading this Farty, I have a message...

      You are one gutless , emasculated poop scoop of a human being who can only achieve an orgasm when his wife's fart-trapper nylon leggings are stretched over his head and his wife farts hot trumps in his face repeatedly following an Aunt Bessies Roast Potato Supper.


    • Just to say, I'm so pleased with the massive response to what was an underlying problem with this board. The Baptist John, and his 'friends'. Oh! By the way did someone order a taxi yet?? I completely forgot in the laughter.....but then again thats only to be expected for such a small shallow man. unable to play pocket billiards with himself....and so fat he needs a prescription for a jock strap when he goes 'jogging on'.....Oh! dear oh dear oh dear!! and having to use a shower head the size of cabbage strainer must have its problems...

    • Gilly, shouldn't you be calling yourself the Coloradan as you've never been to London except on your virtual tours?

    • You don't half talk utter crap at times. I expect most people on this board just want you to fo away.

    • Ah yes,Le Pro,Chris never said that he was a navy seal,but he had been on a course similar, or the same as a one in which a navy seal undertakes.

    • Navy seal? i remember that. let's look in the archives.

    • You really are a DESPERATE SOUL Navy Seal!

      "Of course Francenal are confident now, THEIR SEASONS OVER DUMMY!!"

      Hmmmm.....i really MUST be 'stupid' wannabe Navy Seal, because for the life of me i cannot see why the end of a clubs season supposedly instills such 'confidence'.


      Also.....i really REALLY thought Arsenal were involved in a battle for a CL place with both of their main London rivals. A place worth MILLIONS in revenue BTW.

      PMSL!!!!! X2

      "You scrape a win at Everton and we're supposed to believe that was the best football anyones played this season?! "

      Erm.....NO Navy Seal. I don't expect ANYONE to believe that was "the best football anyones has played this season". The original comment was made about the football played at the START to the game. Can you not read?!?!?!?!


      As for Koscielny,Navy Seal, you forget, i have read PLENTY of your predictions before now.


      Navy Seal - An American soldier wannabe that didn't have the bottle - OWNED........AGAIN!!!!


    • Yeah, i'm the 'stupid c*nt' Chrissy.

      You just like to pretend you're a Navy Seal huh?

      What secret mission you giving yourself tonight son?


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