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  • Gary S Gary S Mar 24, 2012 10:07 Flag

    rvp will go

    Be under no illusion if real Madrid knock he'll go and do not think he wasn't to be a legend he's a footballer and money rules in real life if your offered more money you would go so get real

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    • If the rumours are true and he is offered £125k + 5 million bonus then it would still be attractive for him to stay at Arsenal.

      His family are very settled in England and this will obviously be a consideration.
      The team have shown real ambition over the last months and this must also enter in to his thoughts, especially as Wenger has shown his hand early in the transfer market and the rumours of Podolski are rife.

      I'm not saying RVP wouldn't go to another club, but I don't believe he would make his decision based soley on money even though it is a driving force for most players.

      I hope he stays as he could be a legend in the real terms as another 3 year contract could propel him to greater hights the Henry.
      And the chance of being immortalised as a statue outside the ground.......Oooooer misses!

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      • Ooooh Podolski, that should convince him to turn down the chance to play with Ronaldo and co!!!


        According to latest rumours, even that signing is a struggle!

        Its like Chamakh all over again, you guys hype up mediocre players, drag out transfers that should be tied up quickly, and make out that these crap acquisitions will make some sort of difference, despite the OBVIOUS fundamental problems at your puny little club!