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  • United do rule United do rule Mar 28, 2012 08:34 Flag

    New Order

    " Utd will buy a couple of players possibly one in central mid to replace the likes of Giggs, Scholes and Carrick and a defender to replace the aging Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra. So really they are standing still" By standing still, you mean winning the premiership I presume ? Giggs, Scholes , and Carrick, read Pogba, Cleverley, a new signing, Vidic is only 29 and can carry on at the top for 5 years, but there's also Phil Jones, Smalling, Evans and another new signing. If we're standing still, you're going backwards.

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    • It's funny but in most peoples eyes, dragging Scholes out of retirement was not only an admission that Pogba and Cleverley aren't yet ready to step up to the mark, but it also states that Anderson and Carrick can't carry the midfield either.

      I wonder if Scholes will be dragged out again for next season along with Giggs.

    • I dont rate Jones as a central defender as yet with Man u he was good at Bolton but it would seem SAF seems to think he is best with a midfield role we will wait and see
      Evans is ok with an experienced defender with him but has yet to make the correct decisions when playing alone or with John O'Shay (when he was at United) smalling seems to have played more as a back rather than a centre back when i have seem Man u

      so your going for a young midfield ? well SAF didn't like it and brought back scholes who From the sounds of things will stay 1 more yr as will Giggs