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    Podolski & London Colney team

    "Arsenal are understood to have now agreed the formalities of an £11million deal to bring in Germany striker Lukas Podolski from Cologne, but a public announcement has been delayed at the request of the Bundesliga club, who are fighting against relegation.

    Wenger is expected to further bolster the playing staff over the summer, but Arteta feels Arsenal already have enough within the group, if they could only all stay fit"

    IMO had we had the full team from London Colney available, we would be close if not top of the PL. Should Sagna, Verm, and Wilts, been available all season, plus one or two more, it would have been a different story I think.
    Anyone believing the stories about Van Persie leaving are talking out of their hat. The man has never been happier and more 'settled in his career'. His words not mine. Just because his agent wants to line his own pockets, cashing in with an in form player on his books (its only natural), cannot be taken as the same thing with Nasri, who only wanted to 'line his own pockets' and never mind Arsenal. Some people, I feel, seem to want to perpetuate the rumour of Van Persie leaving for their own ends. Perhaps jealous that he has made such a difference being fit and scoring for fun. I suppose we must have felt the same about Rooney when he was doing the same.

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    • It was interesting to note that Barca have put in a complaint about the state of the pitch the other night, claiming some of their players were slipping all over the place and large chunks of turf were coming away. Makes me wonder why AW didn't do the same, after our game there. Doctoring their pitch slows the other fitter, younger, passing sides down perhaps, which would make the difference for them.

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      • Just to say I wasone of those that said Wenger should have left a season after Henry did, because he would have left with the foundations of an even greater club for the next manager, but he didn't listen. I understand that he found the great team when he first started but he already had a great team to start with and the main reason why Henry left was because he wanted to have a new challenge not because of greed or money, because we could give that and Wenger let him go because the other players were becoming dependent on the one man, which has become a curse.
        Afterwards it was I think Adebayor, then Fabregas, Fabregas and Nasri and now RVP. One player carries the team every year, which is how I knew we would always come in the top 4. Sadly ever since Walcott gained form, RVP has stopped scoring and its probably why we haven't won the last couple of matches by much more. All the Arsenal fans know we have some injury prone players otherwise we could have easily been 1st.
        RVP will not leave untill the club becomes fixed, otherwise the only club he could truly fit into is Real Madrid or Bayern.

    • Hey Ducati Dodge, do you think Nasri is wishing he was fighting for 3rd still with the 'Goon Frog Squad', or is happy in the knowledge that he moved for bigger and better things (ie. TROPHIES!!!)???

      Van Persie NEXT!!!