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  • john john Apr 10, 2012 13:53 Flag

    Power shift in North London????

    A few season's ago you were way ahead of us, but in recent season's, there's not been alot between us in term's of league point's, so we have undoubtedly closed the gap between us...Once we get the new stadium, and be able to compete with you and other's on wage's, then we'll get stronger, whereas your falling further and further behind the Manc club's...The fact that your only ambition left this season is to finish above us, show's how much you are in decline..COYS..

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    • The ambition of Arsenal is to qualify for the CL yet again.

      Spurs have managed this how many times?

      It would seem the Spurs faithful fell into the trap of believing the season to be over in January, and they are now being taught a hard lesson, by an Arsenal side blighted by injury, and big summer departures.

      Even if Spurs managed to finish above Arsenal this season, as a club, Spurs are far, far behind. After all, Arsenal FC is universally recognised as one of europes elite, dining at the highest table.Whereas i am afraid today, your beloved Spurs are just another europe wannabe club, feeding on the scraps.


    • Arsenals season is never about finishing above the Spuds, it's always about finishing above everone else, that's the difference between the two teams, our ambitions are always set higher!

      We had a bad start to the season and the Mancs were out of site, but spuds were catchable so that was the next obvious target, it could easy of been Chelsea or Newcastle but you guys were in 3rd and not them.

      And to be honest 2nd could be a possible new target if City implode like Tottenham...C'mon you Gunners!!!!!!!

    • "The fact that your only ambition left this season is to finish above us"

      Whereas Spurs ONLY ambition has been to finish above us.

      Your new stadium is at least a few years away. This summer you will no doubt lose Modric and possibly Bale. You cannot afford Adebayor's wage and your manager may well leave to run England so we will see who goes backwards next year.

      Spurs had a good run at the start of the season, but the steam has all but run out now.